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8.31.15 Fascism

Trump, Palin and the Rise of Neo-Fascism


Here’s a scary ride for your bucket list of all nightmarish carnival attractions. What if Donald Trump were to win the Republican nomination and pick Sarah Palin as his running mate? What would the planks in their campaign platform be? Well, I’ve spent some time considering this and would like to offer the following as a highly probable platform.

  • To be anti-liberal; anti-conservative and anti-communist.
  • To be a ‘Third Way,’ rejecting both capitalism and communism.
  • To establish a nationalist, authoritarian regime.
  • To meld labor and management into a nationalist whole.
  • To actively pursue U.S. interests first, and also to expand U.S. territory.
  • To reject reason and rationality.
  • To encourage the total militarization of society.
  • To create private para-military militias.
  • To relegate women to subservient roles in society.
  • To be a movement of the young.

This is probably as concise of a statement as can be expected from such a candidacy. The reason being that it is pretty much an exact replica of the basic qualities that all Fascist movements have in common, and Fascist movements are noted for a lack of unified thought characterized by reactions to a perceived threat which is most often verbalized by the Capitalist elite.

In other words, Fascism is not a clearly defined political system but rather a loosely defined system, which preaches national unity while enforcing party ideals with para-military hierarchies. It must depend on such dichotomies as us vs. them, or white vs. black, or Americans vs. Hispanics. But always the incurrent of all rhetoric is rooted in hate for anyone who is not in “my tribe.”

On the other side of the fairground is the family oriented rollercoaster ride of the possible candidacy of Bernie Sanders and Elisabeth Warren. Both Sanders and Warren are espousing a few planks in their platform that defies normal Right vs. Left political views.

To explain this position we have to refer to the rebuttal to Socialism written by the economist Oskar Lange. Lange stated, “The real danger of socialism is that of a bureaucratization of economic life. Unfortunately, we do not see how the same or even greater danger can be averted under monopolistic capitalism.”

Lange was responding to an argument posited by Nobel Prize winner Friedrich Hayek and free market economist Ludwig Von Misis, which stated that Socialism was bound to fail because it lacked the signaling system of supply and demand. Lange had stated that inventory was just such a signaling system, then added that the problem as he saw it was bureaucratization in both Socialism and Capitalism.

A Warren/Sander ticket would, on paper at least, combat just exactly such a shortcoming in our current Capitalist system.

In the meantime enjoy the fair. I hear the midway is spectacular this year. Political comedians of all sorts are playing nightly. And, as Will Rogers once said, “I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.”

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