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Something About Her…


In the latest Star Wars movie there is a character named Maz Kanata. In the movie she is the owner of a castle/bar that she has run for over a 1000 years. Her character displays a wonderful juxtaposition to reason… between her appearance and who she is. During the scene in the bar she is checking out one of the characters, the former storm trooper. As she looks into his eyes, she says “When you live long enough, you start to see the same eyes in different people.” She sees into him, she is intimate in a way that reaches passed the fears and cordialities and speaks TO and WITH the characters.

I believe we crave this type of intimacy and yet in the same breath are terrified to be that intimate with one other. It is that intimacy though that cuts through to the heart of who and what we are, that type of intimacy is what makes a difference in our world.

When Brianna Sienkiewicz was in college she attended a talk by a woman who was a grad student and writer. Brianna met a “Maz Kanata” that day. Below is a piece Brianna wrote to describe the experience of that meeting…

There was something about her… She was beautiful but not beautiful in the way you think of A-List celebrities. Not like the girls that covered the popular magazines or the women from high fashion runways. She was disproportioned…she had a squashed plump and boyish figure. She sat hunched in the armchair, her stringy, tangled brown hair sticking out from under her navy blue hoodie, and her worn pale, chubby and makeup-less face twisted into awkward grins. She was not far from looking like “trailer trash” except she still had all her teeth. She was a different type of beauty. The one I preferred.

When she spoke she flicked and rotated her arms and hands in a beautiful display of body language that successfully never passed outside of her body’s frame. In her deep rough tone, even her speech was refined and thought out. She presented herself with confidence and a calm intellectual demeanor. She didn’t seem nervous to talk to a group. When a question was asked she held out her hand as if to receive the question via gesture, then would think before she responded to the question. When she did answer the question, she made eye contact with you, leaning forward in her armchair. She was talking to you. Not at you. You knew it was a conversation worth having and worth listening too.

There was something about her. She was beautiful but not beautiful in the way you think. It is the way I prefer.

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