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October 2015 Mental Arts Newsletter


Welcome to the October edition of the Mental Arts newsletter. Have you thought at times that life is moving by so quickly? Many people do, and I think it is because we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our every day routines and end up losing touch with the world around us. There is much going on in our world from political issues, environmental and humanitarian issues, that we must, as human beings, pay attention to, because it effects each and every one of us. If we are caught up within ourselves how do we ever make room to pay attention to anything else?… I was heading to work a few weeks ago and as I stepped outside I noticed a chill in the air and the faint smell of Autumn and the sun a bit lower in the sky… I stood there and breathed in the cool air and was grateful for the beauty of that late Summer morning. When we stop for a moment and appreciate the world around us, no matter what it is, time expands and we capture a bit of the beauty of life within the stillness…

“In stillness the world is restored.”  ~ unknown 

We are pleased to announce our new class …..

“Reality Creation Through the Dyad”

The class is designed to give people with little or no background in programming a way to begin to see where the most basic constructs of all relationships reside and what those constructs actually do. The course is an eight-day in house intensive and is held in our Mexican Facilities. We can only accept six couples at a time into this class.Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 9.02.29 PM

The class work consists of the examination of what some of the world’s greatest thinkers have defined a dyad to be plus field trips and discussion groups designed to demonstrate some of the most common errors that people in a relationship make and the amazingly simple solutions to those common errors. Even though the solutions are simple a couple may have to work a lifetime to incorporate the simple solutions into their dyadic lives.

The class provides solutions but can not be a quick fix to the basic beliefs and misconceptions which give rise to the problems which exist in the dyad.

The class is designed to bring the people in the dyad to a point where they can see the solution which will be unique to that set of people. The solution may be for both people to work more diligently within the dyad and the solution may be to recognize the incompatible nature of the people in the dyad. Neither solution can be promoted as the best. Best must be an idea defined by both people in the dyad.

For more information, please contact a Float Center listed in our newsletter or vistit our website:

Free Your Schedule, Free Your Mind

by David Conneely – iFloat, Westport, CT/

Our society is filled with ideas around, “I can do anything,” and, “The sky’s the limit.” As a result, people are often running around trying to squeeze as much out of life into each day. They run around from one activity to another trying to “get the most” out of their life. However, sometimes people spend too much time on doing things instead of what is going on within themselves. They also do not always examine how their intensely booked schedule is taking a toll on them. Chronic fatigue and anxiety are rampant and our fast and furiously booked schedules contribute.

It is important to balance activity with non-activity. One can see this concept in the yin-yang symbol. The yang represents activity. The yin represents inactivity. They must be balanced in order for there to be harmony. In today’s world of busyness and speed a “discipline of slowing down” is required. Slowing down can come in the form of saying no to going out five days in a row after work and carving out a niclear vision of a sunsetght to chill out at home and relax. It might mean saying no to the sixth exercise class that week and instead sitting at home enjoying a cup of tea with a loved one, or a gentle walk by the beach to be reminded of the beauty of nature.

Saying no to the overfull schedule frees up space in one’s life and it frees up space in the mind. It can allow deeper thoughts to come through. Those thoughts are important to express. It might result in you taking on a different point of view about your boss or child. The benefits of slowing down and taking on different points of view are enormous. Relationships are guaranteed to be enhanced and you are guaranteed to have more energy.

Don’t worry. The world is not going to fall apart because you missed that important art opening reception or the next book club meeting. In fact, the world might take on a richness and vibrancy that will make the next event and your relationships so much more meaningful and rewarding.

Common Sense Notes for Presidential Candidates

by John Worthington – author of “The Office of Shaman”

I know that in a field of what 12? 14? 16? Whatever? There will probably be a few gaffs from presidential hopefuls. At least in these early stages of the candidacy weeding process we are encountering some mind-blowingly unconsidered statements by some of the hopefuls. So I’m offering them all some unsolicited quasi tongue in cheek suggestions to take into consideration during public appearances.

The world is not flat. Really. While this thought can be considered as science, it is actually more of a common sense thingy. Ships sail around the world. That’s around. That means that the world is round. That’s what science is actually about. Scientists try to figure out where what we believe is true and what actually is true, are different concepts. Science is not concerned with what is economically expedient. Science is concerned with what is real. Pollution is real-ly not good for humanity nor the planet. If that truth hurts, here’s a band-aid.

I may want to build a 35 foot high wall around my own personal castle to keep the riff raff out but it is economically unfeasible. Yup, I did an economic feasibility study and it turns out that I can not afford the luxury of that wall. Besides I’d have to leave holes in the wall to let in pProtection of an environmenteople who provide goods and services to the castle. It also turns out that those people are not the source of my very own insecurities. No matter how much I want to blame them for my insecurities it appears that I generated those insecurities my very own self. Who knew?

I was shocked by this one, but I can not find a way to actually dismiss dinosaur bones that I observe in museums. I don’t know how they got there but there they are. Not only are there bones, but sometimes there are complete skeletons. For a while there I figured that someone was conspiring to build these bones but then I discovered that there are also Mastodon skeletons too, and I can see the way they look like elephants. Mastodons are not the same as Elephants, but they do seem to be related.

Whether elephants are a better version of Mastodons is beyond my ability to decipher and besides it is not likely that we’ll have either Mastodons or elephants around in the next century anyway. So why should I be concerned about global warming or evolution. And besides, why would I be concerned about immigrating people getting abortions so their women can stay in the work force unless it’s true that evolution could possibly be afoot and trying to wipe out or replace existing retro thought processes associated with white anglo-saxon presidential candidates. And of course you can check the emails that I’ll release to you rubes to verify my own thinking on some of these subjects. I did nothing wrong, don’t you know?


by John Worthington – author of “The Office of Shaman”

At some point during my lifetime the GOP changed from being the party of Ike Eisenhower, who warned of the military/industrial complex, to the party of Goofy Old Putzes. Ike won World War II, he had to be really practical and politically savvy. Our current crop of GOP-ers are much more closely related to the Hoover administration. Not only was Hoover a hands off/small government politician who was much more of an ideologue than pragmatist, but insisted that his programs of confidence volunteering and support of big business that drove the country into the Great Depression. It might be noted that Hoover also employed two of World War II’s other Generals to clear the park in front of the White House of the so-called Bonus Army.  Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 2.07.30 PM-1

In 1932 then Major George Patton and then Major General Douglas MacArthur organized and trained federal troops to clear the Bonus Army from the park. The Bonus Army were Civil War Veterans who had been promised payment of a “bonus” for time they’d served, but which had never been paid. They had waited patiently for 67 years. Congress refused to pass the issuance of the payment even though the payment had been approved in 1927, but to be paid in 1945. Both Patton and MacArthur were reported to be ever so glib on that day. A glibness that would eventually result in their disgraces.

It is said that if we do not learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. Because of Hoover’s insistence on ideology as opposed to pragmatism his policies plunged the United States and perhaps the world into the great depression and the great depression according to some, provided the crucible for the political upheaval that plunged the world into World War II. It seems that our current crop of Tea Party Goofies are not privy to that age old axiom, and are just as eager to allow their ideologies to prevent pragmatism from creating further global calamities. Either that or they are repeating the same errors as their 1930’s predecessors and in the same way while expecting different results, which, as Einstein said was the definition of crazy.

The GOP is the only conservative party in the world, which is not planning on Global Warming affecting the economic well being of their country. The GOP is the only conservative party in the world, which is fervently committed to supply side economics. The GOP is the only major democratic party in the world that opposed the principle of universal health insurance. When these beliefs in real are coupled with intense anti-government sentiments, you arrive at a uniquely American position…Goofy Old Putzes. What in the world happened to the good old horse sense that GOP presidents like Eisenhower, Nixon, and Reagan brought to the political table?

Time as a Thought

by Terri Stangl – Quantum Floats, Bedminster, NJ

I’ve wasted a lot of energy worrying about time. My mind has been full of thoughts like: What time is the meeting? When are we going? Did you record your billable hours? How much time will it take? Do I have enough time? Is time running out? How can we kill time while waiting? My colleagues and I were always trying new and improved methods for ‘managing time’ – desk calendars, wall calendars, “day-timers”, PDA task lists, and google calendars. Certainly in modern western culture there are agreed-upon events that require attention, whether it’s getting on a plane, or filing with the IRS or getting to the church for one’s wedding. And, of course, death is always there to remind us of our limits. But time itself is a thought. And thought can be observed and adjusted.

Photo Composite of Wall Clock and Sky

When I was a little girl I remember summer days that were unstructured and that seemed endless, My brother and I did lots of things on those days and there was always “enough” time. One of the joys of vacations is a sense of expanded time. I recently read how shifts in time perception appear to be related to how our brain processes a new experience. The brain pays more attention to what is unusual and we “feel” that experience is longer. Something familiar becomes rote, and goes very quickly. A familiar drive home ‘feels’ shorter when we are on auto-pilot than a new route. The early days of a vacation in a new place often seem longer, while the days seem to go faster toward the end of the week as we become more accustomed to the new place or routine. I wonder, therefore, if the chronic sense of ‘not having enough time to relax’ and ‘time slipping away’ is a sign of how often we are doing the same things in the same way in the name of being “efficient”?

 Floating can be a wonderful tool for observing how time is a thought, and how thought creates stress. People often talk about how their sense of time changes while floating and how strange it is for them to have no external cues about how long they are in the tank. Some floats seem very long and others seem to pass quickly. Some people notice how often they try to measure the time “spent” or “left”. Other people find it a relief to simply relax, leaving their watches and cell phones and all concerns about time outside the tank. What have you noticed about how you think about time when you float? What might change for you and the people around you, if you were to see time as a thought?

Reality Creation in Business

by Ken Kaplan – Quantum Floats, Bedminster, NJ

As a corporate lawyer, I know that business moves quickly and that if issues are not resolved immediately, they fester like an untreated wound and can bring a company to its knees in a very short period. It’s essentiadv2171020l therefore that business people become adept at finding and resolving the critical issues that stand in the way of achieving their objectives. Most business people, however,
miss the critical issues because they blame others for their failures. If you want to find the critical issues that are hurting your business, look at what you’re making real in your business. If your company is losing money, if your customers are not loyal or if your employees don’t stick around very long, that’s the reality you created and unless and until you own up to that fact, you’ll continue to do the very same thing, whether in your currently failing business or the next one you start. Once you recognize that you created the reality you’re living in, you can create a new reality. Agreements make things real. When you own up to the fact that you created the reality you’re living in, you can find and change your Agreements to create a different reality. It’s your right, of course, to call your customers disloyal or to call your employees ungrateful or to claim that you are a victim of circumstances outside of your control, but unless and until you own up to the fact that you created the reality plaguing your business, you’ll continue to live in that same place.

How Walls Breed the Walking Dead

by David Conneely – iFloat, Westport, CT/

In the movie World War Z there is a scene where the lead actor, played by Brad Pitt, visits a city in the Middle East that is safe from the zombie epidemic. The reason they are safe is because they are a walled city that somehow never was infected by the zombie disease. The city inhabitants are living their normal lives while the zombies hover outside the walls. At some point someone makes a mistake and they start a loud siren, which attracts the zombies and puts them in a frenzy. The walking dead throw themselves on top of one another to create a massive zombie ladder. They climb over the giant walls and kill all the people in the city. It turns out the wall did not keep the people safe. Walls never do. They make people zombies.

ThinkstockPhotos-488431860European frustration about Syrian immigrants fleeing a civil war reminds me of the scene in World War Z. Donald Trump’s vision of a wall with Mexico also reminds me of the scene. While some people think immigrants come to Europe or the United States to cause trouble, the reality is something different. Few people want to uproot themselves from their families. When I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco, I knew people who risked their lives traveling to Europe because their families had almost nothing. They went to Europe in order to make something so their family would be able to have food. I’ve known Mexican immigrants who risked their lives crossing the border to the U.S. in order to be free of violence and poverty.

We are not alone in the world and instead of thinking of how to keep people out it would be more useful to find solutions to the problems in these countries. What can be done to help find resolution in Syria? What can be done to enhance the economy and quality of life for people in North Africa and Mexico? I would prefer to hear politicians talking about those questions than to hear politicians zombie-like talk about “enemies” and “walls.”

I recently read an article about a Native American tribe that donated money to Ireland over one hundred years ago when Ireland was in the throngs of the potato famine. Members of this tribe, none of whom had even been to Ireland, gathered as much money as they could to help Ireland. If an indigenous group in the United States over one hundred years ago can gather all their resources to care for a country over three thousand miles away before the age of technology, then I think anyone reading this article, who has access to the Internet, should be doing the same and more.

There are a lot of people in pain. Find a way to give them a hand. If you don’t, you are insisting on being a zombie. Stop acting like you are dead. Take down the walls in your mind. Relate to others. Help them out. Doing so will allow other people into your life, and infuse your life and the World with a richness you never imagined.

Our Beginning

by India (Elise) Lenhart

Recovering from the past.

The fight, the fright, the freezing in time.

Milky Way and sea inlet

The angst of the present.

The calm before the storm.

The beauty of now.

The thoughts in the depths of experience.

Experience for us to live.

The completion of our findings.

Our findings through history.

All coming full circle.

The end leading to our new beginning.

Our beginning starting now.

Harmony Class – August 2015: We are not alone

by Brayton Bushby – client of iFloat, Westport, CT/

2015-09-27_Fotor_Fotor_CollageBelieving “I can do whatever I want” has been the rule of my life and it’s cost me greatly. I signed up for the Harmony Class to change this. Yet for the first two days of class, I was still learning the cost of this Belief the hard way. While classmates were working together and progressing to further understand the structure of what they believed, I was doing things my way and going – nowhere. The cost of falling behind the class, of wasting this opportunity, was analogous to the cost of my believing “I can do whatever I want” throughout my entire life. I was forfeiting all my relationships; family, friends, coworkers and now classmates. My classmates joined the facilitators, “HEY! You’re not alone. Talk with us.”

It’s true – I’m not alone. In that very moment, we were all sitting together, enjoying aIMG_3131_Fotor_Collage bowl of Jelly-Beans. So why did I think I was separate? Why was I insisting on thinking I was separate? While I knew rebellion was the rule of my life, I had not changed it and therefore it remained operating in everything I did. I had not accepted the reality that I’m not alone, so it’s no wonder my relationships were struggling. Harmony Class gave me the place to see this is where I stood, to see the reality I’m not alone and to change how I relate with people accordingly.

As Class continued, it worked much better for me to know I’m not alone. Each day I was introduced to new concepts and experiences. In order to understand the concepts and to succeed with the tasks I had to ask questions and consider other people’s points of view. By communicating with classmates and the facilitators, I could see where I was getting hung up and then make adjustments accordingly.

The more I made adjustments the more I began to see where some classmates were getting hung up and I was able to return the same respect they afforded me a couple days earlier. Resolving each of our own issues came from communicating with each other.

The Consequence of Giving Our Kids What They Want…

by Wendy Johnson, Delta Floats, Lansing, MI/

Last week I took my son to swim class, and there was a boy in the lane next to him, I would say he was around 6 or 7 years old. His mother and two sisters were there. When the boy was done with his class he started crying and carrying on over something he wanted or didn’t want to do. He was throwing a temper tantrum like he was a 2 year old.

Girl pouting with family

The mother stood there trying to talk and reason with him, none of which he paid any attention to, because he still wasn’t getting what he wanted. Both of his sisters hardly seemed to notice the show he was putting on, even though he was loud enough to draw attention to himself from the nearly 50 people in the room.

As my son showered off, I watched as the boy refused to listen to his mom to shower off. He continued for the next 10 minutes to pout and refuse to listen and the mother didn’t seem bothered by the behavior at all. I wonder what this mother is thinking about, or even what it is she thinks she is looking at?

You see when I see a child throwing a fit to get their way, I know that if that behavior is not modified that same child will grow into an adult man still believing that he should always get his way. If he uses those sets of emotions long enough, mom will give him what he wants. And since he believes he should get is way, he feels better when he does.

As I leave the facility 10 minutes later the mother has given in and the boy is now pacified, because he got what he wanted. The problem is the world just does not and cannot work this way. People cannot just have or do whatever they want, let alone force their emotions onto other people to get their way to make themselves feel better. The kid is set up to fail then as an adult.

The sad part to me is that parents just don’t have an understanding of how the brain actually works, and that once these programs ThinkstockPhotos-115881658are written they become the rule of their child’s life until recognized and changed.

The problem started before this boy even reached age 4, when he was developing his Delta brain waves or his beliefs in real. He believed something along the lines of mom will give me anything I want, or I can always have things my way. And now that he is between the ages of 4 and 7 he is developing his Theta brain waves or his emotions. And those emotions are supported by what he believes ‘real’ to be. So he HAS to use those emotions to hold that ‘real’ thing in place.

By the time he develops his Alpha brain waves (age 7-14) he will now feel as though others are trying to control him, or other people are responsible for how he feels based on if he gets his way or not.

This is a set up for a lifetime of frustration, all because the mother can’t see that, her little boy will be doing that exact same thing as a 30 year old man, if that program is not only recognized but changed. She is not stopping and making sure he changes that program so that he doesn’t go through life believing the world can actually revolve around him.

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