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May 2015 (Business Edition) Mental Arts Newsletter


Welcome! This edition of the Mental Arts newsletter is focused upon Business and how understanding the nature of programming and metaprogramming in the human bio-computer is essential, not only for business owners, but also managers and even employees. Understanding the origins of thought and what one believes to be real can and could be a cornerstone of every business and we would like to work with you to make this real. Peter Drucker wrote: “the best way to predict the future, is to create it.”

Currently we are offering the Intro to the Art of Rewriting for Business and Business Harmony Function classes. If you would like to know more, or are interested in scheduling a class, please contact one of our float centers listed in this newsletter or visit our website:

Booth Babes

by John Worthington, author of “The Office of Shaman”

This is a thing. It appears that companies will hire women to stand nearly naked to attract attention to their sales booths at shows and conventions.  It does seem strange that the corporate world will and can exercise sexist strategies to increase sales. The trend runs from beer commercials all the way to the sales of construction steel. Who hasn’t been to a mechanic’s shop where pin up calendars abound?

The question which begs an answer is, “Why?”  Do ad agencies actually consider women to be such second rate humanoids that they can allow themselves to believe that a concept such as “Booth Babe” is not offensive or that it is somehow uplifting to the rest of humanity to degrade a part of the race that is not considered as us?

The master said, “Of men that are zealous, but not straight; dull, but not simple; helpless, but not truthful, I will know nothing.” Has this advice of the Chinese philosopher Confucius lost all meaning after 2000 years? I don’t think so. Is it straight to degrade? Is it simple to exploit? Is it truthful to reside in the demand for another dollar at the cost of the dignity of anyone?

If we treat women whom we respect in this fashion is it any wonder that we treat more marginalized people such as black men and Muslims with even more distain?

Shattering the Corporate Illusion

by Ken Kaplan, Quantum Floats/New Jersey

Perhaps you know me. I’m the guy you did business with that wanted to know what’s in it for me. I asked you for a job and demanded to know what you are going to do for me. Still having trouble remembering me? I’m that same guy who sat across from you at the negotiation table and never once asked what’s important to you and your business. I’ve taken everything you had to offer and given the bare minimum in return.

White Plastic Masks

 I’m not alone. This behavior is everywhere. You’ll find it in the discussions that happen everyday in boardrooms. You’ll see it in the way businesses interact. I’m not sure what to call it, but the word delusional comes to mind because this behavior necessarily requires a perspective that your business does not affect mine. That just isn’t true!

 These actions have threatened the very existence of society. We have staggering wage inequality. Governmental influence is up for sale and corporate profitability has been elevated to a priority where the mere mention of basic worker rights will get you thrown out of the boardroom. The path that got us here may seem complicated, but it is not. The reality we live in flows naturally from treating each other as separate. This “dog eat dog” orientation is delusional. Science has blown the lid off the illusion of separateness. We are energetically intertwined and the implications of that fact are undeniable. My behavior DOES affect you just as your behavior affects me. You can argue if you like, but our collective well-being is integrally connected.

So where do we go from here? The pathway out of this may seem arduous, but it’s not. It is a matter of shifting our orientation away from the illusion of separateness and toward the reality of connectedness. If we are going to pull out of this tailspin, we need to fundamentally change our orientation in that direction. The shift is seismic because it carries with it the indisputable fact that we are, in fact, connected, and that the actions I take in my business necessarily affects yours.

A Better Working Modality

John Worthington, author of  The Office of Shaman”

Business management in today’s market place with the amount of blame in today’s world, is nerve wracking at best and totally crazy making on Monday’s. One of the most maddening concerns for any business owner or CEO is the employee who comes to work only to collect his paycheck but not to contribute to production of income for the business.

 Employees tend to consider showing up to have been enough to entitle them to all manner of rights and privileges, which the

employer is expected to provide. In small to medium sized businesses this tendency is particularly costly. One of the major problems for the small to medium sized business owner manager resides in the idea that the only methodology the owner or

Human head with gears

manager has at his disposal for determining what the employee wants to do or is even interested in doing is based on some arcane psych tests or the observations of the person who interviews the prospect in the hiring stage.

Once the hire is made then the built in programming which determines behavior begins to express itself. This is not a necessarily bad thing, but due to such ideas as passive/aggressive behavior, childhood sexual molestation, or even psychological or physical abuse in childhood can either be a boon or a complete bust to the employer. The actual problem is that there are a myriad of these kinds of issue and each has an infinity of variations on its particular theme which can influence employee behaviors. Sometimes the exact same childhood issues can express in one individual through an unwavering desire to better himself and through the next individual as the reason why they’re never good enough, as examples.

This is the reason that an understanding of programming and metaprogramming in the human biocomputer is becoming more and more necessary in the management of small to medium businesses. There is no other modality, which begins to approach the clarity forged through floating and the study and understanding of just how much the modern computer mirrors and mimics the brain. Such an edge in business can not only help the owner manager choose the most appropriate personnel for the needs of the business, but can and does help current employees more nearly realize their potential.

The Shadow of Mother’s Day

by David Conneely, iFloat, Westport, CT/

May is the month to celebrate mothers and rightfully so. Our mothers sacrifice a lot to give birth, nurture us, teach us, and provide sustenance for us throughout our lives. On Mother’s Day everyone visits with or calls their mother to say, “Happy Mother’s Day.” It is wonderful and important to recognize mothers. However, there is more to one’s relationship with mom than wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day. As a Mental Arts facilitator and float facilitator, I work with hundreds of people every month. I get to know many of mySilhouette of a woman clients and one of the things that eventually comes up in conversation is the fact they have chronic stress and challenges in their relationships, including their relationships with women and their mother.

The way a person interacts with women rests upon what they believed about “mom” when they were young (e.g., “Mom is safe,” “Mom should do as I say,” or “Dad belongs to me and mom is in the way,” etc.). It is no different than how a person perceives


“fire” is based on what they believed about fire when they were young (e.g, “fire is dangerous”). Fire is, in fact, dangerous. That belief works well. However, the belief that, “Mom should do as I say,” does not work well. If an adult has a disadvantageous belief from early in their life such as, “Mom should do as I say,” that will affect every interaction they have with women, including their mom.

I have yet to meet someone who does not have disadvantageous beliefs about their mother. People love their mother and vice versa. However, if you were to slow down enough and look at your relationships with women and your mother you might see places where you, for example, blame her for things. You might see places where you demean her. You might even see places where you do not challenge her to help her through her frustrations. All of those lurk in the shadow of Mother’s Day. Some of the most powerful and loving conversations I have had with my mother were not comfortable. The reason is because I raised issues I had been conveniently sweeping under the rug. When I dealt with those issues it resolved tensions between me and my mother and between me and other women in social and professional settings. Confronting and resolving the shadowy parts of one’s relationship with their mother is as pivotal to celebrating “Mom” as the sunny, “Mom is wonderful,” part. Enhancing one’s relationship with their mother and all women in their life is a true celebration.

Functions Class – April 2015IMG_0023_2

by Jenny Mae Waters, program facilitator

The Functions Class is the third in a series of classes that takes place in Mexico held by Mental Arts. Those who have taken the class say it is the most difficult because they are challenged by a world in which they must find resolution. This class questions every aspect of life’s expression.

The Functions Class is for the Float Tank Facilitators who must  protect themselves from the onslaught of beliefs in real which are inevitably pressed upon the unwitting. The class aids the participant to build a system of belief which serves his or her particular needs and that of his particular business expression.

Those of us associated with Mental Arts know what it is like to be in a tank office day in and day out and we’ve spent a good deal of time and energy designing classes that will support the prospective float facilitator while protecting him or her from all of the subliminal programming they face every day.

The April Functions class which was held, as always, in Mexico was attended by Ken Kaplan and IMG_2776Elise Lenhart of Quantum Floats, Patrick Paulo and Jesse Weaver from Art of Floating, Anne O’Malley and Lisa Sienkiewicz from iFloat. The impact of the class is still being felt. Yet the results are already in evidence.  The results of this class extends outward into the community. We continue to offer and serve the community by what it is we know and how we continue to express.

The Mental Arts Network is what connects us with our float clients and even out into our communities. The more people who come to understand the ways in which we express as Human Beings the more that we grow together.

IMG_0006We often separate ourselves from everyone in our world before we reach the age of three due to the experiences we have and continue to have until we recognize and change that aspect of ourselves, which keep us separated from one another. Each interaction we have creates and maintains a relationship that stands the test of time. The Functions class may be the best tool ever developed to meet the needs of the IMG_2841float community and may be even more useful for the business community.

The Agreements we hold through our coalitions affect our family, our float clients, our neighbors, and even the strangers that we meet every day.  The Functions class may very well be the only tool of it’s kind and certainly is the only one which addresses how those Agreements are formed and how they affect our coalitions. The experiences that one carries away from taking this class far surpass anything else in the industry today. So if you are reading this newsletter right now, there’s probably a very good reason and you might really want to check into some of the classes we offer through Mental Arts.

Dis-Mantling the Perception of the “Glass-Ceiling”

Terri Stangl, Great Lakes Flotation, Swartz Creek, MI/

Many professional women refer to the so-called glass ceiling. They say that they can see the next opportunity or job, just out of reach, but claim they keep bumping their heads on this barrier and that no one helps them get past it. The assumption, of course, is that someone else (i.e., men) installed that barrier and are still actively holding it in place.

Businesswoman trapped under glass ceilingUnfortunately, by maintaining that description of the world, too many women deny their own power and divert their energy from what they really want to achieve. Each time they complain about external barriers, they end up making those same barriers more and more real, both in their thinking and their lives. Each time they blame someone else for closing a door,  or for leaving them “outside”,  or are waiting for someone to invite them  “in”,  they are insisting that the ceiling or door and the event of opening and closing exist. And then they wonder why nothing changes for them. This becomes a source of great frustration.

Far more productive and powerful,  I think, are the women who get the things they need to accomplish done,  without seeking either permission in advance, or approval along the way.  They find and work with whomever is also committed to get those things done,  both men and women. They are willing to try on other points of view and try new ways of doing things to find out where their current assumptions are limited and limiting.  They are honest with themselves about which  ‘limits’ and ‘barriers’ are really of their own making and, once identified, adjust those as may be needed to achieve their goals.

Are you such a woman? Your daughter?  How do you know?

Are You Working With Three Year Olds or Adults?

by David Conneely, iFloat, Westport, CT/

I was recently talking to a client (I’ll call him Tom) about what is going on in his business. Tom told me he is getting in the way of the business. After a series of back and forth comments it became apparent that he believes he is “right” about everything. Tom

Businessman Rodeo

saw how he is calm as long as everyone agrees with him. When someone disagrees with him about something he sees as important he reacts and insists he is right. Tom does it at home, as well. Through conversations with his float facilitators Tom has discovered how he has believed “he was right” since he was a child. He is also seeing how it is destructive but hard to change. One of the benefits of a business owner coming to a Mental Arts float center is they can float and slow their mind, thereby freeing up circuitry. They can then talk with certified float staff about their floats or about anything, and take the Mental Arts classes to modify things.

Tom is about to start taking the Mental Arts classes because his float sessions are helping him see things could be different. He is tired of his three-year-old tantrums in the office or at home. He wants his mind to match his physical age, which is that of an adult. Business suffers when anyone in the business is limiting the business because of internal frustrations and tensions from early in life. Send staff to a Mental Arts float facility and take our classes to take you, your ability to communicate, and your business to the next level. You and your colleagues don’t want to be in meetings with three year olds.

Building Community

by Vanessa Worthington, Art of Floating, Bloomsburg, PA/

Earlier this month in Pennsylvania, a group of high school students organized an Anti-Gay Day in response to a Day of Silence in support of LGBT bullied teens. The students wore flannel shirts and wrote anti-gay on their hands.

Kids are not born being haters, they learn it somewhere. They learn it from their parents, family and friends. We are showing and communicating to our kids that it is okay to be angry at someone just because they are different, think differently and perceive things differently.

 How can we see what other people need if we aren’t putting ourselves in a position to see beyond what we perceive and see the world differently? If we lived in a world where only our personal opinions matter, we wouldn’t have art, music or cooks. It’s time to wake up and find out what is preventing us from seeing beyond what we think and start building a community. Enough is enough.

Working Towards a Common Objective

by Wendy Johnson, Delta Floats, Lansing, MI/

One of the most common conversations that come up from clients at the tank office is what is going on for them at their job.  More often than not it is how they feel they are overworked and under appreciated. How their boss is this or that and doesn’t understand.  What I have never heard clients say is “how do I help shape the direction of the company I work for, how can I make an impact on the bottom line”, or how to achieve the objective of their company, department or job.

There seems to be a tangible animosity toward ‘The Employer” and ‘us and them’ mentality.  Now, before anyone goes off defending here, that “I do my job” or “the employer treats us employees like crap”, I see owners and managers of departments

Business teamwork - puzzle pieces

ignoring the fact that this divide exists, or in fact adding to it, by cutting pay, increasing hours etc., or acting as though they should be the only one that can make a living from the business. Somewhere both sides have forgotten that they not only need each other, but they are working toward a common objective.

Employees are not worker ants that are there solely to make owners and CEO’s as rich as possible, but it also is true that the employee’s job is to be part of the bottom line. The thinking seems to be that somehow a constant friction is going to be better for everyone involved than a mutual Agreement where everyone benefits, how does that make sense?

The actual question is how to turn this boat around. I, for one, think that it starts at the top. That business owners and management understand what they are doing, what they are communicating and what example they are setting. Understanding what programming their employees are running to either use to the advantage of the business or find actual resolutions with employees, or even cleaning out the dead weight (the employees who are there just for a paycheck).

Steve Jobs said “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” Why not understand how you are creating the environment in your business and then, how to change it?

Finding out…

IMG_0420-1by Elise Lenhart, Float Facilitator

Finding out what is the meaning…
What we are believing…
What is natural…
What is true…
Will you find that in you?
In society?
In relationships?
In life?
The past.
The present.
The future.
IT is all the same.
Only change is constant.
Only beliefs are true.
The One can find what’s real… The only One is you.

The Gayification of the U.S. and What Floating Has to do With it

by David Conneely, iFloat, Westport, CT/

I recently had a man, a somewhat regular iFloater, walk into iFloat. When he took a seat in the lobby, I asked him how he was doing. He expressed frustration about a number of things, but he quickly began talking about how everything is becoming “gay.” This man (I’ll call him Chet) is not gay. His main contention was his belief that things are being done “to him” by the government, the media, etc., but his point about everything becoming “gay” bothered me.

I stopped him and I said, “It may be that there are problems in the world. However, if I was someone whose help you needed and you made that comment about “everything becoming gay,” I would not help you.” He looked at me confused. I said, “Because I’m gay and what you are saying is offensive to me.” He quickly apologized and said one of his friends is gay, but he continued his point by saying he had recently asked his friend the same thing. What he meant was that it is no longer okay for a guy to be a tough, macho guy. If they are like that then they get attacked. He thinks there is pressure to be “sensitive” and “less strong,” and he says that is why everything is becoming “gay.”

gay love

Our conversation turned to the crux of the problem – his erroneous belief that things are being done “to him” by others. There was no recognition on his part that the problem was within him. After a series of back and forths I suggested he go float. The conversation was going nowhere and he was very wound up.

Later that day I thought more about the conversation. It struck a chord in me about why a straight man would be bothered by things becoming “gay” and what “becoming gay” even meant. It also got me thinking about what this has to do with floating and what I do at iFloat.

The problem Chet and other people like him wrestle with is not about being a “man” or a “masculine man.” It is a desire to be in control. I remember reading an article about one or two years ago about an NFL football player who publicly stood up for gays. His stance was that gays should be welcome to the NFL. He is straight, married, and with kids, etc. He is a big, powerful good-looking guy. He is what Chet might consider to be a “man’s man.” However, this guy made a comment about masculinity, and how being masculine is more about being comfortable with oneself. He said, “I have no idea what a “man’s man” is.” The whole idea of being “macho” or “masculine” made no sense to him.

The “Gayification of the United States” is not about gays taking over. It is about a challenge to the belief that “men are in control.” The belief that men are in control or men rule has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. How does it get passed down? Humans begin programming beliefs into their minds when they are little kids. If a kid starts to see his father bossing his mother around then he is likely to believe he can boss his mother (and all women or women-like men) around, in part because when the kid bosses his mother around the father agrees (or doesn’t disagree). The belief “men rule” is largely about men dominating women and dominating men who are less aggressive or more feminine. Other facets of that belief are violence (emotional and physical) and hierarchical structures that ostracize people for being different. What is needed in today’s world is something other than “control over.” What is needed is the belief of people working together and embracing different ideas and people. The reason that is important is because our technological world thrives on diverse ideas. The more an organization or community can integrate different ideas, the more likely they are to succeed in their endeavors.

Floating can play a big role in helping people stop the “I rule over you”. Floating helps people explore what they believe to be real (and to modify it). The beliefs stored in the mind are located in the slower brainwave states, which is what gets amplified during a float session. Consistent floating helps people explore their mind and see where it is their relationships can be enhanced. Chet, for example, came out of his float session looking at things differently. He was more open to my differing point of view and less in “need” of being in control.

Larry Kramer, a well-known gay activist, recently wrote a book in which he asserts George Washington was gay. I have read a fair amount about George Washington and I have no idea if Kramer is correct. I think it is far more accurate to say George Washington would have no qualms with the “gayification of the United States” because Washington did not live in the “men rule” reality. He turned the tide of revolutions by giving up his position of General at the end of the Revolutionary War even though some were afraid he would usurp power and name himself king. He also gave up the Presidency when his final term was up even though some feared he would, once again, seek to rule as a dictator. Washington worked well with others and believed in incorporating different points of view.

George Washington did not float but he somehow managed to live outside the reality that men rule. For those of you wrestling with wanting to be in control and who feel threatened by the idea of gays or a loosening of the belief that “men rule,” I recommend you come float. It will help you realize there is no threat and nothing to control. It will free up your mind so you can begin to see how you can work with people instead of trying to dominate them.

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