Program Theory and Application for Individuals

Learning How the Art of Rewriting Works

The Program Theory and Application Seminar is a ten-week seminar based on John Lilly’s Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer. Each week, participants read a section of John Lilly’s book. The section is presented by the facilitator, during which participants can ask questions. Discussion about the material allows participants to apply the concepts, thereby learning more about their own programming, as well as learning how to apply the tool of programming to communicate. Online discussions take place during the week to enhance understanding of the material.

Anyone who is experiencing the Art of Rewriting or anyone who has completed the Art of Rewriting will find the Program Theory and Application seminar helpful. While the Art of Rewriting provides the experience for a person to understand and adjust their programming, the Program Theory and Application seminar helps people understand how programming works so they can apply it.


PREREQUISITE: Participants must have completed The Introduction to the Art of Rewriting for Individuals. Participants must have completed (or at least started) The Art of Rewriting for Individuals.


What People are Saying

A high caliber collision with John C. Lilly’s impressively outlined theory surrounding how the human mind functions, literally, as a bio-computer. Step by step, abstraction by abstraction you are brought face to face with a very precise, amazingly inclusive way to view your innermost workings. Once some understanding begins to sink in, the ability to use the perspective to affect desired changes in how you live your life and communicate with others is a given. This one-of-a-kind experience is for those who consider themselves students of life and/or are running a float center. – Paul G.

John C. Lilly said, “Literally, each one of us may be our programs, nothing more, nothing less.” With each of the ten seminars Program Theory provided, we dived into the words of Lilly, dissecting the human biocomputer and the programs in each and everyone of us. I recommend Program Theory to those who disagree with the adage that ignorance is bliss, because Program Theory will show you that the fun is in the unknown. – Patrick Paulo

An ongoing effort to free up brain space so that I think from belief to consciousness rather than from consciousness to belief. – John Simonian