Introduction to the Art of Rewriting For Individuals

Communicating Effectively

Nearly anyone could improve their communication skills. This seminar uncovers a number of hidden reasons why we miss communications with husbands, wives, children, parents and especially at the work place. The seminar sets up a hypothetical reality for the duration of the two day encounter which sets new rules from which to communicate. These rules may be adopted permanently or not.

Once those rules are understood, a practice program is written by each member in the seminar. This process is enlightening when rules such as no blame or balance internal and external reality are applied to what the seminar members say about themselves. Lilly’s Goals/Means program is used as the basis for this encounter.

As the seminar progresses many Lilly definitions are brought to the participants’ attention so that each step or slot in the Goals/Means program takes on very personal meaning to everyone in the seminar. It is advised that each seminar member bring a Goal with him/her to seminar. A Goal should not be anything earth shaking as this is merely a practice run through a programming process. For those who want to apply a more serious set to their resident programming we suggest the Art of the Rewriting Seminar.

The Introduction to the Art of Rewriting is held on two weekend days. The length of the seminar depends on the number of participants and the difficulty they encounter in writing what they consider to be their ideal program.


DATE, TIME, LOGISTICS: The seminar is a two day seminar that happens via Webinar. A person can take the seminar from home or at a nearby, participating float center. Check the Calendar for available dates.

PREREQUISITES: Participants should have read John Worthington’s The Office of Shaman before taking the seminar. Participants normally have at least one conversation with a Mental Arts facilitator.


What People are Saying

Each step was like peeling back a layer about myself and being able to view it from different angles. Each step I took I was given the opportunity to resolves things for myself that I otherwise probably would have never thought I could work through and I found strengths in myself I hadn’t realized were there. As an artist through taking these seminars I’ve be able to hone and enhance my skills, opening an entirely new way of approaching how I work with clients and expressing myself. I’ve seen a quantum leap in how I see the world and how I approach it. And though it took work I came out better for it because anything worth having is worth working hard for. – Brianna S.

Plain and simple, this is a process of communication, yet this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Like most things of worth, hard work is required. Nothing was promised or guaranteed but every helping hand I needed was extended. I have experienced very real and drastic changes within myself that have allowed me to communicate more effectively, learn more easily, and have healthier and happier relationships. I recommend this to anyone who wants realize what they’ve only imagined before. – Justin Jetton

A process where I became reacquainted with myself and revisited my past so that I could structure a better present and future. A process where I identified and rewrote a belief in real which was in effect detrimental to me. – John Simonian

The Rewrite is easily the most important experience I’ve had. Through one-on-one email interactions, I was given the opportunity to see which childhood experiences may be the causes of my adult frustrations. More importantly, this was an opportunity to change for the better. With each step of the Rewrite, experiences contained less fear, less doubt, and less anxiety. The Rewrite was helping me remove the filters I was using to view reality and gave me the tools I needed to move forward with my life. – Patrick Paulo