Harmony Seminar for Individuals

The Basis of Harmony Seminars

Harmony Seminar is the first of three advanced courses. It is recommended for anyone who is serious about relationships of any nature but particularly for those who are forming relationships in Tank Offices. The seminar is held in Mexico and runs for seven days. Room and board are provided.

Prerequisites include, passport, airfare to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, completion of the Rewrite, completion of Program Theory. Comfortable and informal clothing is suggested. Two days of the seminar are involved with outings so at least a pair of comfortable walking shoes would be in order. Puerto Vallarta is south of the Tropic of Cancer so sun protection is advised for outings; that includes hats and sun screen.

Just as the Introduction to the Art of Rewriting, the Rewrite, and Program Theory are designed to introduce the basis for the Be One Function, the Harmony Seminar is designed to introduce the basis for Harmony Function. Most people report that this seminar is an experience that continues with them for a year or more.


DATE, TIME & LOGISTICS: The seminar is seven days and, takes place in Mexico in the beautiful town of Puerto Vallarta. Participants should include one day of travel to arrive and one day of travel at the end. Check the Calendar for upcoming seminar dates.

PREREQUISITE: Completion of Program Theory and Application Seminar


What People are Saying

Before I went to the Harmony Seminar I had such a narrow point of view. The Harmony Seminar enabled me to Experience life, the one I am to be living. Up until that point I had taken the introduction to rewrite, the rewrite & program theory…The Harmony Seminar puts everything into perspective & creates a tool for you to utilize in all your relationships. It gave me a place to stand. – Jenny Mae