Individual Training Overview

Training To Help You In Your Life

Anyone dealing with the stresses of life at home or at work will want to learn important skills and techniques of effectively dealing and communicating with friends, families, and fellow employees. It is in your best interest to examine what you think, how you think, and what your beliefs are that affect how you are communicating with people. In so doing you can adjust your mind to benefit yourself and those in your life.

John C. Lilly wrote a book called Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer. In the book, Lilly explained how the mind functions like a biocomputer. Lilly said a person creates programs for their mind starting early in life. Those early instructions are called self meta programs. One can also think of them as “beliefs in real” because they are the instructions a child develops to navigate reality safely. Beliefs such as, “fire is dangerous,” and “I am safe with Mom and Dad” are examples of beliefs-in-real. While most of the neural programming in a person’s mind work well, some do not work well. If a child creates a belief, “I am trapped,” because of a certain experience, that will be as real to them as the belief, “Walls are solid.” If a person believed they were “trapped,” it would be very disruptive to relationships. It is the disadvantageous beliefs that often compel people to do inner work, such as floating. The good news is disadvantageous childhood beliefs can be adjusted or rewritten through the individual courses we offer.


There are several different courses offered for individuals and couples. Read more about them below: