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2015 09 28



At some point during my lifetime the GOP changed from being the party of Ike Eisenhower, who warned of the military/industrial complex, to the party of Goofy Old Putzes. Ike won World War II, he had to be really practical and politically savvy. Our current crop of GOP-ers are much more closely related to the Hoover administration. Not only was Hoover a hands off/small government politician who was much more of an ideologue than pragmatist, but insisted that his programs of confidence volunteering and support of big business that drove the country into the Great Depression. It might be noted that Hoover also employed two of World War II’s other Generals to clear the park in front of the White House of the so-called Bonus Army.

In 1932 then Major George Patton and then Major General Douglas MacArthur organized and trained federal troops to clear the Bonus Army from the park. The Bonus Army were Civil War Veterans who had been promised payment of a “bonus” for time they’d served, but which had never been paid. They had waited patiently for 67 years. Congress refused to pass the issuance of the payment even though the payment had been approved in 1927, but to be paid in 1945. Both Patton and MacArthur were reported to be ever so glib on that day. A glibness that would eventually result in their disgraces.

It is said that if we do not learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. Because of Hoover’s insistence on ideology as opposed to pragmatism his policies plunged the United States and perhaps the world into the great depression and the great depression according to some, provided the crucible for the political upheaval that plunged the world into World War II. It seems that our current crop of Tea Party Goofies are not privy to that age old axiom, and are just as eager to allow their ideologies to prevent pragmatism from creating further global calamaties. Either that or they are repeating the same errors as their 1930’s predecessors and in the same way while expecting different results, which, as Einstein said was the definition of crazy.

The GOP is the only conservative party in the world, which is not planning on Global Warming effecting the economic well being of their country. The GOP is the only conservative party in the world, which is fervently committed to supply side economics. The GOP is the only major democratic party in the world that opposed the principle of universal health insurance. When these beliefs in real are coupled with intense anti-government sentiments, you arrive at a uniquely American position…Goofy Old Putzes. What in the world happened to the good old horse sense that GOP presidents like Eisenhower, Nixon, and Reagan brought to the political table?

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