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Good Intentions


by John Worthington, author of “The Office of Shaman” 

It is disturbing, to say the least, the proliferation of tank operators who have no idea of what they’re getting into nor what the consequences of that ignorance will have on their lives and much less the lives of their clients. John Lilly spent his entire life experimenting and exploring in the inner reaches of his mind to best describe what takes place there. Yet there are people who are opening tanks to the public with no training and barely an idea of who Lilly was nor what he did.

Apparently these folks have not even read the primer on floating, Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer.

In the section covering the basic assumption from which he wrote that paper he states, “This computer has selfmetaprogramming properties, with limits determinable and to be determined. (Note selfmetaprogramming is done consciously in metacommand language. The resulting programming then starts and continues below the threshold of awareness.) Similarly, each computer has a certain level of ability in metaprogramming others-not-self.” So here we have people offering tank experiences, which by any definition takes people into the very depths of their thinking machinery, with no understanding at all of what programming is nor how they are not only programming but metaprogramming others-not-self. I find this to be unconscionable. Especially since these folks are ostensively attempting to bring a wonderful experience to a community. I have to admit they have good intentions but without understanding what they are doing or what the tank environment is doing to them their good intentions are causing more harm than good.

Becoming familiar with the basic tenents of how the mind works and at what level of mind each type of thought takes place would be a bandaid to this problem. But a deep and thorough understanding of Lilly’s work might be even more advantageous. We can hope that understanding at this level will soon be a requirement for opening a tank office at any level.

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