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Give Unto Caesar That Which is Caesar’s


I think I’m beginning to tire of the hullabaloo about Kim Davis. I grew up in a fundamental Christian church in North Eastern Pennsylvania and therefore have more than a passing familiarity with the bible. It seems to me that Kim and Co. are forgetting some of the most basic ideas of both the United States and teachings found in the Gospels.

In both Mark and Matthew (Mark 12:17 and Mathew 22:21) Jesus said, “Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and give unto God that which is God’s.” Look folks, the idea of the separation of church and state begins with these passages. I would think that any Christian would be familiar with these instructions. This means, to me at least, that if the Supreme Court of the United States says that the government (Caesar) has deemed that same sex couples can marry then I must honor that order and render unto Caesar. I do not understand, therefore, what is the romance surrounding Kim Davis’s outright rebellion against this ruling.

I can understand how Kim’s stance could be used to make political hay. I mean, that is how Christianity came to be the state religion of the Roman Empire. Constantine, who was emperor, decreed Christianity to be the state religion but demanded a peace in the empire as the price. He made political hay, in other words. But in this case the political hay wagon has already lumbered off to the barn. What Kim is accomplishing is merely subversion.

I am aware that there exists a thought in the Bible belts of the United States that the US Government should be overthrown. But that thought flies in the face of Jesus’s command to give unto Caesar. I cannot fathom how such internal inconsistencies can cause anything other than confusion and anarchy. Why would Christians submit themselves to political manipulation rather than standing in who and what they are?

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