Introduction For Float Facilitators

Float Centers as Reality Creation Centers

Mental Arts Float Facilitation Level 1

We believe float centers are essential to the evolution of humankind. The power of float tanks goes beyond stress reduction and relaxation. They are tools for people to reshape what they believe about themselves and the world. However, reshaping what one believes requires more than a float. It requires communication. A person’s view of reality is based on agreements they form with others. The float tank provides a unique environment where people can attenuate external reality for an hour or more, thereby freeing up their mind from disadvantageous agreements with others in their life. Doing so frees up brain circuitry to examine and modify beliefs that do not serve them well. John C. Lilly said, “Whatever a person believes to be real either is real or becomes real.” We believe it is a float facilitator’s obligation to be mindful of what they make real with their clients. It is the facilitator’s obligation to help their clients form a reality that serves them well.

Towards that end this seminar is offered to give float facilitators an overview of what happens in a float center at the level of belief. Seminar participants are taken through a series of discussions and readings about the nature of reality creation, particularly within the context of syntax (use of language), hermeneutics, and intent. The class is experiential with lively discussions about the nature of reality creation where participants are given the opportunity to examine and modify assumptions about themselves, float facilitation, and float centers. Participants complete the seminar with a deeper understanding of how and why float centers are reality creation centers, and what role float facilitators have in helping their clients enhance their lives and the world.

Participants are given a certificate, “Mental Arts Float Facilitation Level 1” certificate at the completion of the seminar. In this modern world of speed and technology people are looking for substance. This certificate communicates added value to float clients because they will know your float center approaches float facilitation with depth.

Continued Education and Certification

The Introduction for Float Facilitators is a stand alone seminar. Future seminars are available for facilitators to do continued education and learn the tool of metaprogramming, as elucidated by John C. Lilly. Those seminars include the Introduction to the Art of Rewriting, The Art of Rewriting, Program Theory and Application, the Harmony Seminar, and the Float Tank Operators Seminar.

Higher level training and certificates are available culminating in a Mental Arts Float Facilitator certification. The certification in Mental Arts is equivalent to a black belt in martial arts. It demonstrates what John C. Lilly referred to as being a “general purpose computer,” which is a person who has great skill and technique in helping float clients enhance their reality.

      Mental Arts Float Facilitation Level 2:

Completion of the Introduction to the Art of Rewritingthe Art of Rewritingand Program Theory and Application

Mental Arts Float Facilitation Level 3: Completion of the Harmony Seminar

Mental Arts Certified Float Facilitator: Completion of the Float Tank Operators Seminar


DATE, TIME & LOGISTICS: Seminars are ongoing. Check the calendar for upcoming dates. It is a webinar seminar that can be taken from home or at a nearby participating float center.


What People are Saying

As people float, they are slowing down into a state of mind that shows them what it is they truly believe about the world. After working in a float center over the past few years I noticed a bond between the client and the float staff. As clients came in and discussed things going on in their life, it was almost as if part of their stress was left behind with me as they walked out the door. After discovering the Mental Arts Network and taking the Intro to Float Facilitators seminar they offer I was shown the tools needed to recognize what was being transmitted to me from the clients coming out of the tank and possibly give them an alternate way of viewing things. In applying those tools the weight of the clients stress dissolved into nothing instead of it being given to me as an unknown gift that opened itself days later. I recommend these seminars to anyone that is in the float industry. – Colby