Business Operators Seminar

Helping Float Clients Free Up Circuitry

When a person floats, they free up circuitry in their mind to examine what is going on between them and other people in their lives. Everyone belongs to many coalitions (or groups of people) ranging from their family, their professional organizations, their friends, among other things. For example, a marketing executive at a Fortune 500 company might be in a coalition within that company, and also a coalition within his department in the company. However, he also belongs to the “white collar man” coalition, the “college-educated” coalition, and the “employed” coalition. If his family comes from Latin America, that is a different coalition than if his family comes from Europe, Africa, or Asia. Each coalition to which a person belongs has a unique history and set of acceptable beliefs and behaviors. Many of those beliefs and behaviors work well but some of them do not work well. Spending time in a float tank provides a unique environment for a person to examine their place in their coalitions. A man, for example, might begin to see how he believes “women are his property,” which is initially upsetting to him. To discover that about oneself is upsetting because part of him does not want to do that. The other upsetting part is what will his friends, who are in that coalition, going to say the next time they make a joke demeaning to women and he doesn’t laugh? With the help of a float staff person who can facilitate a conversation, the man will begin to find ways to be respectful to women and to maintain relationships with the men in his coalition.

Women have similar coalitions and each coalition is as unique as the neural programming in each person’s mind. The “coalition of mothers” on the Upper East Side in New York City probably is comprised of different beliefs and behaviors than the “coalition of mothers” in downtown Singapore or rural Montana. Regardless, when each person in those coalitions floats they often see where they are at odds with their coalitions. One of the biggest things for people who float regularly is they begin to see places where they blame. Perhaps a Jewish man sees how he blamed his religion for why he always had trouble in relationships. Perhaps a Christian lesbian blames her family for their intolerance. When both of them begin to float and examine themselves they realize their coalitions are actually in support of them being who they are, and that the coalition of fifteen or twenty years ago has evolved to a place where they are both welcome and supported. Floating helps them see it but it is the conversations with float staff that enable float clients to get third party on what they experience in the float tank. For example, a float facilitator can say, “Yes, blaming your parents for something that happened fifteen years ago does not make sense.” That frees up circuitry in the mind of the participant to find resolution in themselves and with others.

A float center staff person must be able to talk to people about all their coalitions. People who come out of their float sessions will talk about them whether the float staff want them to do it or not. A float staff person must free up circuitry in their own mind to be able to talk to people about what is going on in their life. One could have a police officer, a homeless teen, a CEO, and a stay-at-home mom or dad all sitting at a table after a session. Each client has different coalitions and they all are looking to navigate their way so they are in Harmony with their coalitions.

In the business operators seminar participants are taken through a series of experiences over the course of a week in order to See places where they are in conflict with their coalitions. More importantly, participants are given the chance to make changes within themselves in order to resolve such conflicts. Doing so prepares participants to communicate and make a difference in the lives of their float clients.


DATE, TIME & LOGISTICS: The seminar is seven days and, takes place Mexico in the beautiful town of Puerto Vallarta. Participants should include one day of travel to arrive and one day of travel at the end. Check the Calendar for upcoming seminar dates.

PREREQUISITE: Completion of seminars, up to and including Harmony Seminar