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First Edition Mental Arts Newsletter


Welcome to the first edition of the Mental Arts Newsletter…

In the coming issues we will endeavor to bring you news of the floating world, of opinions on current events as seen from a tank office, local news of interest and do our best to be interesting as well. We will host feature writers  from various tank offices, interviews with interesting people, and news from our returning service men and women as they float to return home. For now we want to thank you for being one of the first people to enjoy our newest endeavor.


Mind-Body Connection Relating to Massage Therapy and Floating

by Elise Lenhart, massage therapist/float facilitator

chakras-250pxAs a massage therapist, knowing how programming in the brain relates to the body is the most important part of my job. When someone is claiming to have pain in certain places and muscles, there is always a corresponding program that goes along with that pain. In adjusting the physical portion in relation to the pain, the program that is causing it can also be adjusted. It is very rare that there is a muscular or skeletal discrepancy that can not be adjusted through rewriting programming. The pain may change form and location, but only to make a person aware that there is another program to be adjusted. As a float facilitator, it is helpful for people who get into the tank to relax and free their mind so that they can adjust the programming and relieve the correlating pain. I have seen this occur a number of times. Every time people have seen a difference for themselves.


Great Lakes Flotation Attending Bridal Expo

Terri Stangl, owner /

As young couples prepare for marriage, they are often testing out what they believe to be real about everything from marriage and family life to money and decision-maTerri and Jackieking. At Great Lakes Flotation, we’ve seen how soon-to-be-married couples as well as their extended family members are able to relax when they come in to float and talk. Couples at any stage of their relationship can benefit from improving their communication skills. At several recent weekend webinars, for example, some attendees worked on goals related to improving their communication with their significant others, their children, or another family member. For those who want more after the introductory class, Mental Arts now also offers a week long Harmony Class for couples in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.

Great Lakes Flotation and their neighbor N Touch massage are teaming up at a Bridal Expo to let couples and their families know  about their services. A float package for the new couple can do wonders for relieving both pre- and post-nuptial stress! The Expo will be at the Holiday Inn Gateway in Flint, Michigan, Sunday, October 26th from noon until 4 pm.


The author of Science and Sanity, Alfred Korzybski wrote…

“Any system involves an enormous number of assumptions, presupposition, etc., which, in the main, are not obvious but operate unconsciously. As such, they are extremely dangerous, because should it happen that some of these unconscious presuppositions are false to facts, our whole life orientation would be vitiated by these unconscious delusional factors, with the necessary result of harmful behavior and maladjustment.”Science and Sanity

What he’s saying is all bio-computers have a base of self-metaprograms or beliefs in real. These beliefs in real are formed before the age of four and remain in place through out the life of the bio-computer unless recognized and changed. The problem is that because we have very limited communication skills at this young age, that some of those beliefs in real, that we placed in our bio-computer do not actually line up with external reality. So we have in our unconscious these places where we are basing our entire lives on a fantasy, which results in all manner of frustrations for people. The tanks provide an environment where people can identify these frustrations and the tank center facilitator should be able to show how that fantasy can be changed to better align with external reality.

by Wendy Johnson, owner of Delta Floats /


In The News

Sweden will be the first European country to recognize Palestine as a state. Sweden’s Prime Minister Lofven stated recently, “A two state solution requires mutual recognition and a will to peaceful co-existence. There is no doubt that Sweden will face criticism from Israel and the United States but in keeping with a long held Swedish ideal of non-violence the recognition does offer a pathway toward peace. Establishing borders could aid in reducing misunderstanding which result in violence. 

Such a move between nations would also be in keeping with the concept of Agreement making real a concept which previously could only exist as a thought. It might be noted that all historical events have been the result of Agreement. Every document important to civilization from the Magna Carta to the Declaration of Independence have come about as a result of people coming together to form Agreement. Anyone can disagree but Agreement requires stern individuals who value humanity.

by John Worthington, author of “The Office of Shaman”


Reflections on Rewrite 101

by Yvette Henry, float client, Art of Floating, Bloomsburg, PA /

India introduced me to the concept of Rewrite shortly after we met, and so after a life-changing event, I decided to take the first class, Introduction to the  Rewrite. I really had no idea what to expect. There were 4 other people in the class, 1 with me and 3 at other sites. As we  went around the room and introduced ourselves, it was clear this was not like any class I had ever taken. The instructor,  John Worthington, was gregarious and engaging and fostered an environment where the students were comfortable  opening up about heartfelt topics. There were times where he was confrontational, a style with which I struggled. But in  the end, that is sometimes what is required to help us challenge and push past our long-held perceptions of ourselves,  which was clearly his goal. 

The class is very much an introduction, a 30,000 foot overview of a complex iterative process  that could not possibly be fully implemented in only 2 days. But even at that introductory level, I could see the potential impact on many facets of my life of the self-awareness to be gained as a result of continuing on the Rewrite path. Even one month out, I am still processing what I learned, though I am excited to discover where the journey will lead.


Why Floating Is Not Enough

by David Conneely, owner of iFloat in Westport, CT /

Earlier this evening I sat with a group of people who had just completed their float sessions. One of them floats every week. Two of them float every so often. All of them were deeply relaxed after their float session. 

One woman (I’ll call her Patricia) had a difficult float session. We talked about how she was frustrated before she went into the float session. I had observed it and she agreed with me. I then explained how she had to deal with that frustration in the float session. She agreed. When she first came out of her float, she was frustrated “with the session.” However, after we talked she understood the session was beneficial to her. I pointed out how she looked much more relaxed when she came out. She also agreed with that.float-facilitation

In order to give Patricia another point of view, I commented on how I often have frustrating float sessions. She laughed and said, “Yeah right. You seem so calm all the time.” I smiled and I talked about how when I was twenty-three years old I developed chronic fatigue from stress.

I explained how I started to meditate to reduce the stress, and how I would sweat from meditating for just five minutes. My mind was on “fire” with frustration. Eventually, I was able to meditate for ten minutes; then fifteen; eventually thirty minutes twice a day. Bit by bit, my mind began to slow down. I began to relax. Six months later the sickness lifted.

Another woman in the room (I’ll call her Judy) was talking about how she has been experiencing a lot of anxiety lately. She said she has been making herself sick from stress. We began to talk about what is causing the stress and I saw how she was thinking that simply the act of slowing down her mind was going to resolve her frustration and anxiety. 

I explained how meditation was the entry point for me to begin to do work on my mind. It relaxed my mind. However, the other key part was communicating. Over the last fifteen years I have worked with different people who communicated with me to help me see what was going on in my biocomputer. The Mental Arts classes were the most helpful because they provided a rigorous experience for me to identify and adjust the programming in my mind/biocomputer that was not working well. It was only through communicating with someone else that I have been able to see and change what was not working well in me.

This morning, one of my clients tweeted the following quote: “Never too late to learn some embarrassingly basic, stupidly obvious things about oneself.” – Alain de Botton. I retweeted the quote because it is deadly accurate. We must be able to slow down, such as through floating, but we must also communicate with others and identify the goofy/disadvantageous things going on within. We generally only learn such things about ourselves through our interactions and communications with other people. When someone says, “Hey, you are being dishonest,” or “Why didn’t you keep your word?” we are often shocked and the shock gives us the chance to consider whether what goes on in our mind is working well. Both Patricia and Judy experienced that during our post-float conversations. Through our communication, they were able to examine themselves and consider other points of view.

Keep floating. It helps free up circuitry in your mind. It relaxes you enough to sort through what is going on in your life and in your relationships. However, be sure to communicate with someone about what is going on in your life. That will help you make changes and be in harmony with your family, friends, and colleagues.


 Being a Man…

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.46.30 PMBeing a man isn’t anger, it’s not yelling, it’s not violence, it’s not fighting, it’s not impatience, it’s not acting before thinking. Being a man is making right decisions, it’s doing the right thing, it’s treating people well despite how they treat you, it’s fully assessing a situation, it’s understanding through perception, it’s remaining calm, and it’s doing all these things in the face of adversity. I’m not perfect; I make mistakes. But I do my best to be a good man, because my daughter needs that. She must know what a good man is so that, in what will feel like a few short years, when boys are falling over themselves to talk to her, she’ll know what is good in a man.



Good Intentions

by John Worthington, author of “The Office of Shaman”

It is disturbing, to say the least, the proliferation of tank operators who have no idea of what they’re getting into nor what the consequences of that ignorance will have on their lives and much less the lives of their clients. John Lilly spent his entire life experimenting and exploring in the inner reaches of his mind to best describe what takes place there. Yet there are people who are opening tanks to the public with no training and barely an idea of who Lilly was nor what he did.

Apparently these folks have not even read the primer on floating, Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer. In the section covering the basic assumption from which he wrote that paper he states, “This computer has self-metaprogramming properties, with limits determinable and to be determined. (Note self-metaprogramming is done consciously in metacommand language. The resulting programming then starts and continues below the threshold of awareness.) Similarly, each computer has a certain level oScreen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.58.20 PMf ability in metaprogramming others-not-self.”

So here we have people offering tank experiences, which by any definition takes people into the very depths of their thinking machinery, with no understanding at all of what programming is nor how they are not only programming but metaprogramming others-not-self. I find this to be unconscionable. Especially since these folks are ostensively attempting to bring a wonderful experience to a community. I have to admit they have good intentions but without understanding what they are doing or what the tank environment is doing to them their good intentions are causing more harm than good.

Becoming familiar with the basic tenents of how the mind works and at what level of mind each type of thought takes place would be a bandaid to this problem. But a deep and thorough understanding of Lilly’s work might be even more advantageous. We can hope that understanding at this level will soon be a requirement for opening a tank office at any level.

Program Theory

 Interview with iFloat client, Paul Grenci


Q: Why did you take the Program Theory Class?

A: I took Program Theory Class because floating, reading The Office Of Shaman, The Intro to Rewrite class and The Rewrite class were all training in tools useful in exploring broader abstractions unavailable to me. This class continued the trend but gave a fuller perspective and detailed concepts to better understand your version of the human biocomputer. It is challenging and worthwhile.


Q: What did you experience in the class?

A: I experienced wonder at beginning to see how and where my ‘programs’ were running my life. So much of what we say and do is relegated to these programs that run just under your awareness. I experienced, perhaps for the first time, what everyone else in my external reality was seeing when I was communicating with them.


Q: What did you learn about yourself in the class?

A: I learned that my internal model of reality was poorly aligned with what was actually going on in the external reality. This led me to realize I had less-than-optimal beliefs that I needed to adjust. And this in turn led me to seek improvements in the ways that I relate and communicate to the people in my life.


Q: How have you applied what you learned?

A: Seeing how and where some of these programs run is an ongoing process. I am now constantly refining and exploring new areas of my thinking machinery. At work, at home and everywhere in between there are chances to exercise this new skill.


Q: Would you recommend it to others? Why?

A: I would definitely recommend this class. Anyone that is looking for ‘more’ or thinks they can do better in any facet of their life, this class is for you. If pursuing personal growth or change is of interest to you and you want to challenge your pre-existing notions this is a most beneficial environment to achieve those goals.

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