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December 2015 Mental Arts Newsletter


Welcome everyone to the December edition of the Mental Arts newsletter! There is a quote that says “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” From what I am seeing in such things as the presidential race and the continued news of terrorist attacks and senseless shootings I am concerned that we are about to make a grave error in the repeating of history. I believe though that as a society we can turn the downward spiral around, we can begin to see other ways of living and being in the world. The knowledge is available to understand why it is we do what we do, how it is we learn and how to make any necessary changes in our thinking as individuals and a society as a whole. Many of our political and spiritual leaders have spoken eloquently and passionately about the need for change, maybe it is best to heed that call. We can make a difference in the world and that difference starts within us. During this holiday season as we are spending time with friends and loved ones, stop for a moment and envision what world we will be leaving for the future generations and what must be done so we never need repeat history again.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season from all of us here at Mental Arts. See you in the new year!


Finality of Man

By India (Elise) Lenhart   

ThinkstockPhotos-186257072Seeing the light in the darkness, the darkness in the light.
Everyday a resurrection.
Living in the midst of the void.
The void of freedom.
Freedom of truth, of belief, of survival.
Nothing is ever the same.
Celebrating the differences.
The differences between all of us. Representing the oneness.
The oneness of all.
The oneness of all that is.
All that was.
All that ever will be.
Darkness in light. Light in the darkness…

This my friends… Is the Finality of man.


An Idea That’s Time Has Come…

by John Worthington – author of “The Office of Shaman”

Here is an idea that’s time has come in the world…Float centers are popping up throughout the United States and floating has hit the mainstream meArtificial intelligencedia on a national level, from the Today show to Time magazine. With this ever expanding interest in floating comes an obligation by the Float Facilitators to and for every person who walks through our doors…John C. Lilly gave us a road

map (and the tool of floating) to best understand the nature/direction of thought. However, there seems to be a proverbial elephant sitting in the room…Is it too difficult for us to remember that selfmetaprograms work directly only on metaprogams and that metaprogams work directly only on programs?

We seem to forget that what we believe about real isn’t a choice until we can recognize what the selfmetaprograms actually are. At that point, and only at that point can we “choose” High angle view of a mother tying shoelaces for her daughterto adjust those selfmetaprograms so they more nearly reflect what we wish to consider as real.

So why would we want to deny the rest of the world that knowledge and ability? Maybe it’s because entering into a mental state which accents the lower brain waves seems too easy and we desperately want it to be really hard and inaccessible. That way we can place another notch on our “enlightenment belt” or some other new-agey mumbo-jumbo. But the reality is we access those lower brain waves everyday, and merely floating in a puddle of Epson salt-laced warm water allows us to access that cocktail of brain waves with greater ease than the man on the flying trapeze.

With all that said, I think we just need to get over ourselves and be the big brother or sister showing the little brother or sister how to tie their shoes. They have to be able to keep them tied whether they want to or not. This IS the obligation we have as Float Facilitators to our clients. And by being the big brother or sister we pass on the knowledge we have out into the world and to the future generations. What can be so hard about that?

Family Rituals…

by Terri Stangl – Quantum Floats, Bedminster, NJ/

Family Toasting at Thanksgiving

This time of year is filled with family gatherings and reunions. Along with the familiar foods, and favorite games or movies, the rituals that each family uses to mark the season, there are other kinds of unacknowledged rituals – recurring conversations and expectations.

When I was 14 my parents divorced. It was a relatively amicable divorce, as such things go, and my parents continued to live within walking distance throughout my high school years. My brother and I lived with my mother and stepfather and my father eventually remarried a woman with two daughters. As the years went on, my brother and I had many conversations in which we invariably envisioned ourselves as outsiders and not fully a part of the changing lives of our parents, especially our dad. We exchanged stories about how much attention we thought our stepsisters were getting, how we were slighted or offended in one way or another, and how we were apart from the flow of the family. And over time, the observable reality mirrored what we had described. We didn’t talk with our dad very often and blamed him for not calling us more often.  We blamed our stepmother for his distance. We didn’t talk to our stepsisters at all.

After I started floating and taking mental arts classes, I began to see how what I believed and thought about, whatever I did with my actions and words, was creating the reality I live in. This was both a sobering and wonderful discovery. IMan and woman fists had to stop and consider what my brother and I were doing with all those phone calls and late night conversations over the years. What was I insisting was real about our family members and our relationships with them? I did behave as a disgruntled outsider. So did my brother. But were we really? Had we ever been? The more I looked at it the more I saw how we believed and expected it to be true, so it had become true.

So one night I finally said to my brother that I realized we weren’t really outsiders. We actually had been welcomed and a part of the family all along. But we had refused to see that or behave as though that were true. I said that I didn’t want to blame my parents or stepparents any more. I wanted to enjoy being a part of the family instead of being frustrated. There was a long silence from my brother. And during the next few phone calls, he tested me to see if I was serious about that. Each time, I refused to go along. And there was silence. What would we talk about200522117-001 now?

 In the weeks and months that followed, there were observable changes. My brother and I both started talking to our dad on the phone. My brother started getting together with my dad when he was in the area. My brother and I have started getting together with our stepsisters and we all worked together for a wonderful 80th birthday party for my dad. I’ve become deeply appreciative for how my stepsisters love and have supported our dad. My brother eventually moved to a house that is only 20 minutes from my dad. The reality that we are creating shifted.

Last month I was talking to a friend  who was preparing for the Thanksgiving Holiday. She told me about how everyone in the family tiptoed around a relative who was a bully. And about the constant gossip where one part of the family complains about other family members. These conversations have been around for years. Everyone expects the same things to happen when the family gets together, with the same certainty as to what kinds of foods will be served. It’s certainly my friend’s right to keep doing the same things and to bemoan how there are never different results. But as long as she is doing so, thMother and daughter arguing outdoorsat is what will become and remain real for her and the family members who Agree with her. What she expects and believes to be true about her family will be what she perceives and feels is “real” about them.

 It can be unsettling to a coalition – whether a family or a business or a group of friends – when someone in the coalition does something new and different, even if that thing is advantageous. Once a person is honest about where they themselves are creating the reality they live in, and starts to make changes in what they believe about that reality and what they do, that can have profound consequences, both for the individual and the coalition. Alcoholics sometimes talk about how family or friends resisted when they first became sober. Obese people sometimes discover that a parent or partner resists when they start to lose weight. But the cost of doing the same things in the same way became too great.

“The only way that we can live is if we grow. The only way we can grow is if we change. The only way we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we are exposed is if we throw ourselves into the open.” – C. Joybell

Announcing the New Mental Arts Training Center in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

2015-11-29 21_Fotor_Fotor_Collage The Mental Arts training center was purchased in Puerto Vallarta at the end of November 2015. The house features 8 bedroopv22_Fotor_Fotor_Collagems and 8 full baths with an additional 3 half baths. As you can see by the pictures the house sets high up in the hills above Puerto Vallarta with views of the entire bay and the pueblo stretching out below. The kitchen is state of the art. With the infinity pool the patio is a perfect place for sun bathing and for taking a few moments to contemplate. The living room has been furnished with comfortable seating for discussions which often last well into the night. Walks on the Malecon and shopping in the many shops is just a few minutes away. Puerto Vallarta’s International Airport is only 15 minutes away. We offer several week long seminars, such as Reality Creation Through the Dyad, Harmony and Business Operator’s Seminars. No matter which seminar you’re interested in attending, Quinta Vista is guaranteed to make your stay a beautiful memory. To find out more about the seminars we offer, please visit our website:

Reflections of My Visit to Mental Arts Affiliated Float Centers

by Fabrizio Alonso Rosales – Ikigai Float Center, Chapala, MX

The Mental Arts Network is pleased to welcome Fabrizio Alonso Rosales who recently opened Ikigai Float Center in Chapala, Mexico. After experiencing floating, Fabrizio became very interested in opening his own float center and began taking the Mental Arts Float Facilitator seminars. Once he began to see and talk with float clients he realized he wanted to experience hands-on, how the other Float Centers with Mental Arts training ran their businesses. As he said “I had to see how the real stuff goes on in a Float Center”.  His visit included Art of Floating in Bloomsburg, PA, Quantum Floats in Bedminster, NJ and iFloat in Westport, CT. Here is his account of that visit and what he experienced and learned….

The experience I got while visiting the United States Float Centers was much different than I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be a light trip, and I was going to be taking some notes and that’s it. The visit certainly changed many aspects of my life, many that I do not have words for right now. As David from iFloat told me – “it will take a while for you to settle the experience”. For the moment I still am contemplating what happened there and watching the pieces falling into place, a lot like an imaginary puzzle.

And as it is common, most of the things that I saw and experienced there are being noticed here in Mexico. For example, I felt very comfortable at the Float Centers; confident and secure in the environment, sharing with the people involved in the businesses. So every step I took was with a lot of confidence and I really felt supported. When getting back to Mexico, I felt by myself, with no one to share my experience with and no one who would understand what I am doing. So a big avalanche of thoughts came to me and I asked myself if I was in the right place. I felt like Carlos Castaneda every time he left Don Juan, all stunned, confused and afraid.

Yesterday at the end of the nightly Float Centers call, it was brought to my attention by one of the other Float Facilitators how I have not been disciplined enough and that I had that weight over me because I was by myself at Ikigai Float Center; I was going to answer ok, but then realized that was not the best answer. The truth is that I got frenzied on realizing how much is to be done. The good thing is, I have my American support team to talk with and be there for me.

I first went in order to talk to the people who knew the Float business, and I thought we were going to build a commercial/business relationship, but that’s too limited on describing my experience. I client asked me if I was there for business or visiting family or friends. I thought it was accurate to say that I was visiting friends. It was good that Brayton who was also visiting Art of Floating, heard me and corrected me; “Fabrizio is visiting family”. So, thank you all for having me in your Float Centers; sharing with me your knowledge, your experience but most importantly your friendship. And mi casa es su casa.

Con Mucho Cariño,

Fabrizio Alonso Rosales

Sheltered America: #firstworldproblems

by Wendy Johnson – Delta Floats, Lansing, MI/

How did Americans become so numb? A war wages on across the Middle East as well as Europe, and we get outraged that terrorist can do such a thing, but really it’s about getting stuck in our righteousness more than feeling the angst of the people living through a life that is unimaginable to us.

It also seems that we will mount any argument to not have to imagine or feel that angst as if it is our own. We say…”We need to take care of our home first”, “We can’t let them come here, “we can’t tell the good ones from the bad ones”, “they will come and drain our economy”…we make it about money or logical things, rather than to see that we are all a part of the same human race.

This isn’t about what side of the aisle that votes, for this or that, are on…or what church someone attends or doesn’t attend. It is the very fact that we think we are so removed from the struggles and pain of the rest of the world that our only solution is to say ‘just bomb them all”…how does that work?

The very problem exists within the language we use to think about these things, like good ‘ones’ or take care of ‘ours’ or ‘them all’. We insist we are separate, that somehow we earned the right to be better than, not that we just happened to be born here. How can any parent not feel the angst of all the parents fleeing on foot for days and having to watch their children tired and hungry wondering if there is a safe place for them, or if they will even make it. No, we get into social media arguments over if the kids at school are being disrespectful to teachers or within their rights, not worried that they may be killed on the way to or from school or that even being able to attend school would be a luxury.

And as I watch #firstworldproblems grow on social media, I have to wonder if we aren’t just rubbing the rest of the world’s nose in their luck of the draw on where they were born. And with the resistance to the fact that we are part of the whole world, and the very things we do or don’t do, including how we think about those things, actually allows the senseless crimes against humans to exist.

Quantum Floats Opens its Doors in Bedminster, NJ

2015-11-07 11_Fotor12088183_434175836777360_4859557213144973950_nIMG_3308Quantum Floats opened it’s doors on November 7th, 2015. Owner, Ken Kaplan is a partner in a corporate law firm who is very familiar with the costs of stress, both for himself and his business clients. Three years ago he learned about how spending an hour or more in a ‘float tank’ could relieve his stress and be a tool for understanding the origins of that stress within his own mind. Impressed by the difference that floating made in his own life, he began to pursue a dreqf1_Fotoram of opening a multi-tank float center near his home in Bridgewater.

In November, that dream became real. The first phase of Quantum Floats opened in the Bedminster Medical Plaza, with 3 private float tanks. Quantum Floats is also offering seminars on the human mind and how its structure and operations impact one’s relationships, business success and general quality of life. The initial float center will introduce people in the region to the benefits of floating as a tool for relaxation and for understanding thought, while a larger permanent facility is slated to open in 2016. That facility will have classroom and meeting space, and other wellness services. To make an appointment to float please give us a call at 973-782-3227 or visit our website at We look forward to seeing you!

The Art of Relationship in Business  

by Ken Kaplan – Quantum Floats/Consulting, Bedminster, NJ/

Something that it has taken me some time to learn and understand is the absolute necessity of intimacy in all relationships. Let me explain…In our western culture, intimacy has been defined as merely sexual. What I have learned though is intimacy is about

Business people having meeting in office

how we relate to each other as human beings, in all aspects of relationship, and most importantly, in business. I learned this valuable lesson from a lawyer I worked for 30 years ago during a summer internship between my first and second year of law school. His name was Bob Makla. Bob was not like any of the other lawyers in the firm. He was understated and spoke without pretense. Bob seemed eccentric to some, but only because he did not conform to the “social norms” followed by most of the other lawyers in the firm. His conversations with clients and colleagues were more personal than professional. He was interested in the things that matter most for people. He would ask clients about their family and about their goals. He took the time to find out what was important to his clients, but more importantly why it was important. In doing so, Bob approached business issues in a context much wider than most people. Knowing what was important to his clients and why it was important, Bob was able to fashion solutions in a way that aligned with what his clients were trying to accomplish. His approach may have been unconventional, but that was only because Bob understood something that most people don’t understand, namely that business is built on relationships and relationships are fostered when you take the time to learn what your clients are trying to achieve and why it is important to them.

Office workers having a handshake

Bob was genuine. He was able to connect with people because he held open a space for everyone he interacted with – a space where he invited people to talk about the things that mattered most to them.  He did not need to cajole people to accept his invitation. I learned first hand that summer that people crave intimacy in all of their interactions, including their business dealings. I also learned that relating with people on this level is the cornerstone for successful business. When a client asks me to undertake a project, I take the time to find out what they are trying to accomplish – not only for that particular project, but also in relation to their goals in general. Doing so necessarily requires that I get to know what the client believes and how the client thinks about things. It’s hard to imagine how business can be conducted successfully without having close relationships with clients.

The clients that Bob brought into the law firm were some of the firm’s most lucrative, loyal and longstanding customers. Bob was proof that this kind of intimacy in relationship translates directly into revenues.

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

– Elisabeth Kübler-Ross


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