Harmony Seminar in Business Management

Tools To Free Up Energy For Better Business

The Harmony Function Seminar provides experiences for people to learn two tools. The first is the tool of programming, which is based on John Lilly’s book Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer. Participants experience rewriting a disadvantageous belief put in their mind early in life.

The process is rigorous, and requires removing everything they have believed, felt, and thought, recognizing each person is responsible throughout their life. When a person understands how to adjust their programming, they express the energy governed by Be One Function. This results in a sense of ease with oneself.

Applying the tool of programming frees up energy to learn the second tool, which is called movement of the Assemblage Point, as described in John Worthington’s The Office of Shaman. Each person has a unique way in which they see the world because of their individual life experiences.

Taking on a person’s point of view, such as their views on politics or cuisine, can be easily done. However, being able to see the way another person sees the world, such as what it means to be a woman (if one is a man) or to be a man (if one is a woman) requires adjusting one’s assumptions and prejudices about those things.

In this seminar, participants face and address their assumptions, which results in them moving their Assemblage Point to see how other people assemble their world. Doing so results in the release of energy governed by Harmony Function. Expression of Be One Function and Harmony Function have immediate benefits in relationships, which enhances family life and one’s ability to manage and lead businesses and organizations.


DATE, TIME & LOGISTICS: The seminar takes place in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, known for its gorgeous beaches, shopping, restaurants, and nightlife. The seminar is residential, and takes place throughout the day and most evenings. Time is set aside for people to enjoy the local attractions. Participants are housed in a local hotel where they can enjoy the beautiful views, swim in the pool, and enjoy excellent food. Puerto Vallarta is easily accessible from most major cities in the U.S., and options to extend one’s visit after the seminar can be arranged.

Check the calendar for upcoming seminar dates. 

PREREQUISITE: In order to qualify for the seminar, a person must take the Introduction to the Art of Rewriting seminar. A person must also read John Worthington’s The Office of Shaman, which is available at your local float center.



What People are Saying

Before I went to the Harmony Seminar I had such a narrow point of view. The harmony seminar enabled me to Experience life, the one I am to be living. Up until that point I had taken the introduction to rewrite, the rewrite & program theory…The Harmony Seminar puts everything into perspective & creates a tool for you to utilize in all your relationships. It gave me a place to stand. – Jenny Mae