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Building Blocks of Thought


I always hear people talking about how they’re all so careful about people coming out of the tank. They “protect” them by not talking to them, they say. This is especially prevalent in the New Age/It’s all good crowd. They’re not going to impose their will on no one, you see.

But that isn’t the actual problem in a tank center. The actual problem is the other side of the coin. It’s the people who float who do not share that ever so lofty ideal of not affecting anyone else. The vast majority of people who float do so, in their early floats at least, to reduce stress. If they were cognizant of not programming other people it is not likely that they would be that stressed.

But they are that stressed and since, as Lilly said, the first few float sessions are always about resolving the conflicts in the various coalitions that we as people have, when folks exit the tank they tend to be checking about the nature of coalitions.

And, of course, I can hear all those New Age/reincarnated folks shrilling about how THEY don’t talk to clients. Well, O Shrill Ones, who said that talking has anything to do with communication? How Lilly explained this is that Metaprogramming entities use Metaprograms to communicate. In other words, for those of you who do not understand the word Metaprogram, communication rests on and is predicated on emotional content. Before you argue you should check that one out.

Now emotional content includes such concepts as body English, grunts and other “non” words, facial expressions and even the tone of voice used to say “thank you.” But that’s all neutral and doesn’t affect you as a tank operator, huh? There’s at least one study which cites the following percentages for communication. Body English = 50%. Facial expression = 40%. Words =10%.

So this obviously means that if you’re too good to talk to your float clients then your float clients are going to play fair and not leave any of their belief structures behind for you to clean up, right? Oh I forgot, you don’t know what belief structures are, do you? Well, Lilly referred to belief structures as Metabelief operators. The reason he used this term is that Metabeliefs, or belief structures is what we build our language, emotions, feeling and even our logic on. They form the basic building blocks of thought itself.

If we do not understand those building blocks in ourselves what chance can we have of understanding how those building blocks are transferred through the 10% of communication that only uses words? Much less the other 90% that uses body English and facial expression. That lack of understanding leaves us victimized by all the Metabeliefs that our float clients leave behind or “sell” us.

I know that no one is really affected by those left behind Metabeliefs, though. That’s why the average life expectancy of a float office is only 3 to 5 years. But that must be due to a lack of interest. Couldn’t be a lack of understanding on the float operator’s part. Naw, that just can’t be. Namaste.

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