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April 2016 Mental Arts Newsletter


Welcome! In this edition read about Paul Grenci, CEO of Red Key Solutions, who recently completed the Mental Arts Business Operators seminar in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He is finding out that applying what he learned not only applies in his business, but every aspect of his life, including his family. Something that I hear a lot of clients talk about is how stressed they are at their jobs and how little time they have for fun or spending with family, or relaxing. What if all of the perceived stress and lack of time, is merely a construct of thought based on a belief within the mind? And what if, those thoughts can be changed through the application of specific tools and a new way of thinking about how the mind works? And even more so, exploring who and want we are beyond a brain encased in skull. Paul, and many others, are finding out for themselves how real those statements are.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” ~Albert Einstein

A Soul Concept

by John Worthington – author of “The Office of Shaman”

The concept of the soul has existed for as long as there have been humans to contemplate that part of thought. However, during the last 1000 years or so those who contemplated the concepts of the soul had to be sanctioned by some ruling body of thought, which is usually referred to as religion. This was probably a very good thing for humanity.

But because contemplation of the concepts of soul have been out of the main stream of thought for so long, we no longer have a language to define its Functions nor to adequately observe its influences on our lives. For example, we generally talk about the soul as if we own it. We say such things as “my soul,” meaning that mind supersedes the soul and its Functions and influences. I’m pretty sure that no one actually takes his or her soul for soul walks nor does anyone I know have a soul leash. Therefore it appears that the use of the pronoun “my” when used with soul is misleading.

I’ve wondered, therefore, if developing a language to more nearly define what the soul does and how it interacts with human thought could be highly useful. There are several arguments which address this problem of the soul as it relates to human thought. One, obviously, is that it is something that we don’t need to worry about now because it will only be important when we are dead. This theory is a bit morbid for me. There is the position that the soul is immortal and because it is we come back over and over again. I have a lot of trouble with the math on this one because if it is “my soul” then who will be coming back? It’s just a math thing and I’ve never been good at math, okay?

There is another way of considering the concepts of the soul as it affects and interacts with human thought. What if the soul were conceptualized as the computer operator and the body were conceptualized as the computer. Please note that the operative word here is conceptualization, okay? I’m not saying that this is how it is. I’m saying what if we used this concept as a catalyst to consider what the soul does and how it influences us? Further to the point, I’m asking if such a conceptualization would be an advantage to the efficiency of our thinking processes? It appears that it is.

book-TOOS-cover-250pxIt even appears that such a conceptualization is necessary in terms of preventing us from entering into circular reasoning or circular thinking. It doesn’t seem to matter how one visualizes the soul. It could be visualized as a standing wave around the body as an electrical field, for example. It can be visualized as a spirit (whatever a spirit looks like), which is connected to the body in some fashion. It can be visualized as being either in or outside of the body. But no matter how it is visualized if we assign the value of it being the computer operator, we separate the work to be done with the thinking machinery, from the direction to do the work.

There is clearly, much work that can be done, and is being done, with how this conceptual concept is affecting society at large and the individuals who make up society itself. We in Mental Arts are looking for individuals who can manage such enormous leaps of conceptualization. We do not think that we have the problem solved, but we are sure we are making strides in the direction of a solution.

In this day of terrorist craziness and political egotism it has become a priority for those individuals who can marry practical thought with concepts of non-traditional spiritual conceptualization, to step forward and add their gravitational pull to an idea whose time has come.

Reflections on Business Operators SeminarIMG_3709

by Paul Grenci  – CEO of Red Key Solutions

A seminar in Puerto Vallarta sounded like a great way to spend some time out of the office sharpening my business skills. As CEO of a technology firm I am in a fast paced industry with fast paced changes. So when I booked my spot in the seminar I was ready to learn some new, useful ideas. What I got exceeded my expectations 100 fold, and is delivering more value day afterIMG_3483 day since I came home.

Normally business seminars discuss ideas surrounding business theory, key performance indicators, leadership trends and personnel management. This seminar moves far beyIMG_3656ond the norm. You have the chance to learn how to see what’s always been right in front of you; what you believe to be real. Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right”. I have never had more respect for this idea than when I was experiencing the Business Operators Seminar. I also never realized just how limiting this idea was for me personally.

Tools and concepts are laid out sequentially, discussed and implemented in real-time. It’s a torrent of wonderfully functional ideas that elevate how and what you see when you are looking at your business and your communications. EIMG_3657ach section builds on the one preceding it. New systems of thought are introduced and each new idea is actually being used to teach the tools themselves! Asking questions to find out where you are, and what you know versus what you don’t know are imperative to stay with the flow.

Actively using and applying what you are learning is a required piece to getting the most out of this seminar. For me, my beliefs kept me from connectIMG_3616ing with staff, clients and partners as well as I needed to. Honesty with yourself and about yourself, is required to make progress.

People who run a business and are responsible for others’ livelihoods seem to instinctively know how to make things real. This class will challenge you to resolve the beliefs holding you back from success or to moving your company to the next level. You can develop new communication skills and the language to help others do the same. My family, partners, staff, clients, and vendors all are benefitting from this experience, and I simply can’t say enough about the value. Come down and see what you can make real.

Why I Float…

by Loren Manheimer – client/volunteer at Quantum Floats, Bedminster, NJ/

When I was a kid, my favorite show was Lost In Space. I always loved the idea of being out in space just floating around in the dark, quiet, peaceful universe. When I got into floating, I felt like I had finally found that place – a dark, peaceful, quiet little void where I could really relax and allow my body and mind to just be.

12360297_10153342004645292_6267030444785669079_nI had floated once before, about 30 years ago. It was very relaxing, but I didn’t stick with it at the time. I didn’t realize how powerful and life-changing it could be. When I found out about Quantum Floats last year, something in my head just clicked. I knew I had to do it again and soon.

When I got out of the tank after my first float last fall, I felt incredibly relaxed. Every bit of tension in my back from the base of my skull to the end of my tailbone was completely gone – I felt like I had just had the best massage ever. My skin looked fantastic, and the bags under my eyes were gone. At 50 years old, anything that makes my skin look that radiant is right up my alley!

The most important thing was that my brain felt relaxed. In the tank, the chatter in my head quieted down, answers to things I had been pondering popped into my head while I floated, and I felt like I had just had the best meditation session I had ever experienced. I think I actually fell asleep at some point. I knew I had to keep doing this.

Fast forward several months, and I’m now volunteering at Quantum Floats, telling anyone who will listen about floating and floating myself every chance I get. I’m completely hooked.

Volunteering gives me the opportunity to spend the day with great people in the relaxing atmosphere they’ve created at Quantum. One of the things I appreciate most is the conversations and the depth of those conversations. I often turn to Ken and Lisa for feedback as I strive to improve myself – they help me to see my thoughts, beliefs and actions from a different perspective, and these conversations are helping me to address thoughts and patterns in my life that aren’t useful.

We also laugh a lot. It’s such an easy place to just be totally, unapologetically yourself. It’s pretty priceless to have found such a safe space.

2016-04-10_FotorArt of Floating’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration!

Bloomsburg, PA/

It’s that time of year again!!!
Art of floating will be celebrating its 3rd anniversary on May 14th.  Everyone is invited!
Jeff Walker from KRZ will be here, Tom Morgan and Monica Rae from Hannah 92.3 will be here too! Live music will be provided by John Sweeney and his band. Food will be from the Blind Pig in Bloomsburg.We will have specials on floats as well as giveaways and of course, fun is mandatory!
Also, local businesses from the northeastern PA area are welcome to put up a tent and promote their business. Come and mingle and meet new people. Let us know if you would like to be a part of this event!
Thank you for being part of our community and helping us help others. Keep calm, go float!

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